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Elcotel programming

Programming of Elcotel 5 board has to be done with the PNM software. This requires:

  • a PC with Windows 3.11 or 95. Windows 98 might require use of DOS compatibility mode. Ideally a PC from the era - 486 or Pentium.
  • Software works with Oracle VirtualBox as well but it's more likely to fail, so a real PC is recommended
  • a modem - internal or external is fine, hardware modem preferred. Winmodems / also known as Softmodems may work, but are more of a trouble.
  • two phone lines are needed and it cannot be VoIP adapter. Phone would answer and handshake successfully, but will fail soon after. I've tried with both Grandstream and Linksys/Cisco adapters and various settings. There is a workaround - described in Phone lines page. An analog PBX would be ideal, or a line emulator, or a landline - but who has it?

Older Elcotel boards are possible to program as well, but we have no experience with it, they are very rare now and likely don't support current NANP.

Main screen of the PNM Plus:

(video manual coming soon)

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