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Elcotel Series 5 Operation Manual - original manual by Elcotel
Compact Field Guide for Series-5 - by Elcotel, very useful, incl. init, troubleshooting, error codes etc.
Elcotel 5 Tips and Tricks - random tips & tricks, author unknown
Elcotel In The Field Maintenance - short guide, most of it is in the Manual, but still useful
Elcotel Series 5 flyer
PNM Plus Operation Manual 2.1 - Windows software manual
PNM Plus Compact Desk Guide 2.1 - Windows software guide, compact version
Older stuff:
PNM 2.2 Operation Manual - for the DOS (text based) version, 1995. We're looking for this software!
Elcotel 4 Service and Installation Manual (1988)
Elcotel 3 Service and Installation Manual (1987)
Elcotel 2 Service and Installation Manual (1986)
Firmware 4.2 - new features introduced with ver. 4.2 for Series 1/2/3/4


PNM Plus 2.2.0 - the most important software. Serial number: 68B01AC6-3663C2C5


Firmware we found so far in payphones located around Phoenix AZ and boards acquired elsewhere. PGM ver. 5.3.3F worked with the most common English-only voice module with voice messaging (Elcotel_VOICE_en_V5_universal_27C010.BIN), in use since 1986 till at least 1997 (as stated on the labels). However, per the Bulletin #21, Voice Message Forwarding was already deprecated in firmware 5.2.4 (1993). The 5.4.4 worked with bi-lingual (en/es).

  • 5.3.3C_V3 is interesting due to disabled local telemetry (no access to registers via the keypad) and the voice message on incoming call is “Payphone. Not a billable number” instead of the typical “Payphone, payphone”. It is possible it was a custom firmware made for a specific carrier.

Do you need any EPROM programmed? Please let us know.

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