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Instruction cards


Single slot phones, either WE or COCOT (except GTE 120B) share the same size instruction windows: top at 6.125“ x 1.925”, bottom 6.125“ x 2.65”. Actual instruction cards are typically slightly taller, i.e. 6⅛“ x 2¼” and 2¾“ respectively, so they can be locked in place.

The best way to reproduce them is to laser-print it in color on a plastic paper. Regular paper is not recommended as it yellows in the sun. Next you can either get it laminated or add a PETG 0.02” sheet (available online).

You can find some scanned cards on the internet, over here I'm just posting what I've encountered and scanned.

Let's start with the ugliest I've ever seen - created by Pacific Communications, the local independent operator in Phoenix AZ and the suburbs. Looks like created in MS Word from the 90s. Company changed its address at least once, from 7170 West Oakland Street, Chandler, AZ to 6115 S. Kyrene Rd #103 Tempe, but doesn't exist anymore. They used Elcotel 5000 sets.

Next is the Qwest - iconic top card and 50ct bottom, Qwest San Antonio:

(to be continued soon)

Medium format ads

This is what I found on the indoor shelves - US West ads from (probably) early 2000s / late '90s:

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